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Innovating in private equity Real Estate

Since its inception, our Real Estate platform has established itself as a leader in private equity real estate, offering flexible capital solutions to investment-grade and creditworthy tenants across asset classes and geographies. We seek to provide investors with predictable current income and the potential for appreciation while focusing on limiting downside risk.

Our difference


Properly structured triple net leases create clarity for our investors through predictable cash flow. Our long-term leases—net of operating and capital expenditures and backed by creditworthy tenants—seek to offer our investors both confidence and clear, risk-adjusted returns. 


Our stringent investment criteria seek to provide downside mitigation while offering access to investment opportunities and operational expertise. 


We have established ourselves as the market leader in the niche triple net lease space, completing more than 190 transactions and 1,890+ assets owned. Our data-driven, off-market, proprietary sourcing allows for value creation and arbitrage opportunities in various market environments. 

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Our strategies

Net Lease

Our core Net Lease real estate strategies focus on acquiring single-tenant, free-standing properties across industrial, essential retail, and office sectors that are net-leased, long-term, to investment grade and creditworthy tenants. This combination seeks to create predictable cash flow from long-term rents, providing investors with current income, net of fees, plus appreciation and limited downside risk. 

Our investment process


Proprietary sourcing and data-science system that identifies potential opportunities for off-market transactions, with an initial screen followed by exploratory diligence.


Programmatic process built around vigorously assessing credit strength in various markets and economic conditions for the purpose of stress-testing downside and mission-criticality. 


Focused on negotiating contractual lease terms that can provide for clarity and downside mitigation of cash flows from real estate.


A thorough review is conducted to ensure that applicable investment risks are considered and the stringent criteria of the strategy are met.


Ongoing oversight of tenant credit and lease adherence with respect to maintenance, taxes, insurance, and general asset management.

Our partner tenants

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