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GP Strategic Capital

For more than a decade, our GP Strategic Capital platform has been at the forefront of providing innovative, long-term minority equity and financing solutions to leading private capital managers.

Our difference


We invest more than capital. Through our Business Services Platform, we aim to empower our partner managers with strategic support and resources that allow them to focus on their core competence: investing. 


Built on experience, permanence, and alignment of interests, and with more than a decade of experience across more than 85 debt and equity transactions, we specialize in delivering innovative solutions to private capital managers. 


Redefining long-term partnerships for alternative managers is our priority. As a non-control investor, we aim to be maximally aligned and minimally invasive—always operating at the highest standard to deliver the best possible outcomes. 

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Built to Last v.2.0

What will define the next generation of great GPs? Our team share their views on what drives longevity and franchise value in private markets.
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Our strategies

Our complementary strategies provide a range of solutions to capital-constrained ecosystems.

GP Minority

We provide capital to the world’s leading alternative investment firms, primarily focused on acquiring minority equity stakes in established private market managers.

GP Debt

Through well-collateralized, senior secured loans to private alternative asset management companies, we help borrowers drive business growth, fund GP commitments, and launch new strategies.

Professional Sports Minority Stakes

As part of our established relationship with the NBA, we are building a diversified portfolio of minority equity investments in professional basketball teams, aiming to become the buyer of choice for selling owners.

Business Services Platform

We provide our partners with access to our over 50-person post-investment team, the Business Services Platform (BSP). Based in New York, London, and Hong Kong, our BSP team drives growth and industry best practices across a variety of focus areas, helping each of our partner firms evolve and pursue their own strategic vision. 

Client development & marketing support
capital management
Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Client development & marketing support

Employs a systematic, process-driven approach to client development, which is designed to diversify a manager’s client base by increasing the number and quality of interactions with potential investors.

Human capital management

Introduces highly-qualified candidates who meet the technical and analytical needs of partner firms and fit within their culture, which positions asset managers to navigate organizational lifecycle shifts by ensuring that their teams are right-sized and that succession plans are in place.

Business strategy

Conducts bespoke management-consulting projects—such as developing firm strategic growth plans, evaluating distribution expansion options, and assessing brand development strategies—and provide strategic best-practices advice and competitive benchmarking reports.

Product development

Advises on the product-development process and best practices and provides market guidance on product launch execution and implementation.

Operational advisory

Delivers support and best practices advice to our partners’ business operations, technology, and infrastructure functions through peer benchmarking, thought leadership, and customized analysis.

Data science

Provides differentiated insights to investment teams during diligence and value-creation exercises by leveraging robust alternative data sets, experienced professionals, and a proprietary data platform.

ESG advisory

Guides partner firms in the design of ESG programs, including firm-wide adoption of policies and procedures, participation in signatory bodies, ESG and Impact product development, identification of consultant and technology solutions, and assessment of carbon emissions tracking and offsetting projects.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Advise partner firms on their DEI initiatives across people strategy, corporate and investment practices, and community impact—focusing on program implementation across the GPs, as well as their respective portfolio companies, and aiming to further drive industry advancement.

Our partner managers

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Unless otherwise noted, Partner Manager AUM as of December 31, 2023 or latest available as reported by each Partner Manager.