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alternative asset managers

We are at the forefront of private market financing for alternative managers, helping firms and their underlying assets capitalize on opportunities. Our breadth of financing solutions, coupled with our deep industry knowledge, allows our partners to think bigger about their investments and the firms that they operate.

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We power the alternatives industry at the investment, fund, and manager level through our suite of capital solutions. From direct lending and secondary investments with portfolio companies to GP equity stakes and long-term financing, we can provide the full financing stack for alternative managers.


We develop relationships with alternative asset managers who share our philosophy of long-term partnership, shared success, and mutual alignment. Together, we can help create compelling opportunities that seek to deliver value for our partner firms—making us the investor in alternative investors.


With a strong permanent capital base and our platform scale, we have the ability to finance the world’s largest alternative asset managers. Through our speed and certainty of execution, we can provide the confidence that our partners need to succeed across market conditions. 

Alternative asset managers

Management company

GP Minority Equity

We partner with some of the world’s leading alternative asset managers, providing them with permanent capital through minority equity stakes.

Debt Financing

Through a range of debt and equity-related instruments, we finance companies backed by leading private equity sponsors.
Portfolio companies

GP Debt Financing

Through well-collateralized, senior secured loans, we help borrowers drive business growth, fund GP commitments, and launch new strategies.

Strategic Equity & Secondaries

Focused on GP-led, single-asset continuation fund investments, we offer alternative managers a new route for exit opportunities and the potential to create value for their investors.

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Powering excellence with the Business Services Platform

Our Business Services Platform supports our partner managers beyond the transaction, helping to drive growth and guide managers on industry best practices so that our partner firms can pursue their own strategic vision.

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2024 Outlook

We feel scaled capital providers that can speak for size, deliver a full suite of financing solutions, and remain consistently active in direct lending across the market cycle are best-positioned to lead high-quality deals and deliver strong risk-adjusted returns.

GP Strategic Capital
2024 Outlook

As we reflect on the last twelve months, alternative assets remain an important component of multi-asset portfolios, as investors can look to hedge against public markets and mitigate portfolio asset value volatility.

Real Estate
2024 Outlook

While we expect many firms will be working to rebalance their portfolios, Blue Owl is well positioned to deploy over $5 billion in dry powder and to act on the best buying opportunity we have seen in two decades.
We're the provider of the tools that these great firms need to execute their business. We're the fuel that really allows their engines to run.
Marc Lipschultz
Co-Chief Executive Officer
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