Oak Street Net Lease Trust


Repurchase Offer Calendar

Jan-23 Feb-23Mar-23Apr-23May-23Jun-23Jul-23 Aug-23 Sep-23 Oct-23Nov-23 Dec-23
Expiration Date (By 4PM ET)1/30/2023 2/27/20233/30/20234/27/20235/30/20236/29/20237/28/20238/30/20239/28/202310/30/202311/29/202312/28/2023
Repurchase Price | Class S$10.2272 $10.1305$10.3010
Repurchase Price | Class D $10.1171 $10.0239$10.2023
Repurchase Price | Class I $10.2798 $10.1834$10.3571

Repurchase Process

OakTrust is not available to members of the public and no offering is being made or should be inferred. Please ensure you carefully review the Repurchase Offer materials.

Step 1

Download the Repurchase Form from the link here.

Step 2

  • Complete sections 1-4, including signing and dating the form. Please ensure you work directly with your financial professional to ensure the correct forms and steps are followed for processing.
  • Custodial held accounts will need to submit forms through the corresponding custodian. Please note there might be additional  internal paperwork required by the custodian as well as internal processing times.

Step 3

Submit paperwork to your financial professional or directly to the tranfer agent for processing at the instructions below.

How to Submit Repurchase Paperwork

Once completed, send to:

DST Systems Inc.
Attention: Oak Street Net Lease Trust

Email: oakstreet.repurchases@dstsystems.com
Regular Mail:
P.O. Box 219398, Kansas City, MO 64121-9398
Overnight Mail: 430 W 7th Street, Suite 219398, Kansas City, MO 64105

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to take any action if I decide not to participate in the repurchase offer?


Does the Fund have industry registered CUSIPS?

Yes, OakTrust has a registered CUSIP for each share class:

  • Class S – 67180K106
  • Class D – 67180K304
  • Class I – 67180K205

Please note that some custodians might utilize their own internal identifier for these funds.

When can an investor participate in a repurchase offer?

OakTrust offers a monthly repurchase plan. Please refer to the table above for the relevant monthly dates.

I've submitted a repurchase request, can I withdraw that request before the deadline?

A shareholder may withdraw his or her repurchase request by completing a repurchase withdrawal form and sending the form to the transfer agent, directly or through the shareholder’s financial intermediary, or by emailing Servicedesk@blueowl.com. Repurchase requests must be cancelled before 4:00 p.m. (Eastern time) on the second to last business day of the applicable month.

If my repurchase request has been accepted, will I be notified?

Shareholders that participate in the Offer and whose Shares have been accepted, should expect to receive a Confirmation that will be delivered to them based on their electronic delivery preference.

If my repurchase request has been accepted, when will I receive the proceeds?

Payment for properly repurchased shares will be made T+1 from the last business day of the month for that period.

Is there an early repurchase deduction?

There is no minimum holding period for shares of our common shares and shareholders can request that we repurchase their shares at any time. However, subject to limited exceptions, shares that have not been outstanding for at least one year will be repurchased at 98% of the transaction price. The one-year holding period is measured as of first calendar day immediately following the prospective repurchase date. The Early Repurchase Deduction will not apply to shares acquired through our distribution reinvestment plan.

Are there exceptions to the early repurchase deduction?

We may waive the Early Repurchase Deduction in respect of repurchase of shares resulting from the death or qualifying disability (as such term is defined in Section 72(m)(7) of the Code) of a shareholder who is a natural person, including shares held by such shareholder through a trust or an IRA or other retirement or profit-sharing plan, after (i) in the case of death, receiving written notice from the estate of the shareholder, the recipient of the shares through bequest or inheritance, or, in the case of a trust, the trustee of such trust, who shall have the sole ability to request repurchase on behalf of the trust or (ii) in the case of qualified disability, receiving written notice from such shareholder along with a physician’s certification of disability as defined in Section 72(m)(7) of the Code, provided that the condition causing the qualifying disability was not pre-existing on the date that the shareholder became a shareholder. We must receive the written repurchase request within 12 months after the death of the shareholder or the initial determination of the shareholder’s disability in order for the requesting party to rely on any of the special treatment described above that may be afforded in the event of the death or disability of a shareholder. In the case of death, such a written request must be accompanied by a certified copy of the official death certificate of the shareholder. If spouses are joint registered holders of shares, the request to have the shares repurchased may be made if either of the registered holders dies or acquires a qualified disability. If the shareholder is not a natural person, such as certain trusts or a partnership, corporation or other similar entity, the right to waiver of the Early Repurchase Deduction upon death or disability does not apply.

How is the share repurchase price determined?

Repurchase requests received and processed by our transfer agent will be effected at a repurchase price equal to the transaction price on the applicable Repurchase Date (which will generally be equal to our prior month’s NAV per share), subject to any Early Repurchase Deduction.

Are there repurchase limitations?

Yes, we may repurchase fewer shares than have been requested in any particular month to be repurchased under our share repurchase plan, or none at all, in our discretion at any time. In addition, the aggregate NAV of total repurchases of Class S, Class D and Class I shares (including repurchases at certain non-U.S. investor access funds primarily created to hold our common shares but excluding any Early Repurchase Deduction applicable to the repurchased shares) will be limited to no more than 2% of our aggregate NAV per month (measured using the aggregate NAV attributable to shareholders as of the end of the immediately preceding month) and no more than 5% of our aggregate NAV per calendar quarter (measured using the average aggregate NAV attributable to shareholders as of the end of the immediately preceding three months).

What happens if my repurchase request if my repurchase request is not submitted in time or not satisfied for the current month?

All unsatisfied repurchase requests must be resubmitted after the start of the next month or quarter, or upon the recommencement of the share repurchase plan, as applicable.

What happens if my request was deemed “not in good order” and has not been “cured” by the repurchase deadline?

The request will not be considered for the offer. Any unsatisfied repurchase requests must be resubmitted after the start of the next month or quarter, or upon the recommencement of the share repurchase plan, as applicable.

Is my sale of Shares in the Offer a taxable transaction?

For most shareholders, yes. We anticipate that U.S. Shareholders (defined in Section 13 of the Offer to Purchase) other than those who are tax-exempt, who sell Shares in the Offer will recognize gain or loss for U.S. federal income tax purposes generally equal to the difference between the proceeds they receive for the Shares sold and their adjusted tax basis in the Shares. The sale date for tax purposes will be the date we accept Shares for purchase. Please consult your tax advisor for details regarding your specific tax treatment and obligations.

Still have questions?

Contact the Blue Owl Service Desk by emailing ServiceDesk@blueowl.com